The first of Many!

The last few weeks have seen a large number of developments on the farm from the good to the bad.  We have had the tractor unfortunately loose a wheel which has rendered it temporarily useless meaning an increase in manual labour!!

We are about to embark on attempting to get the Pigs pregnant so that we can produce our own herd which is very exciting.  We have discovered that one of our ‘Castrated Lamb Rams’ still has his testicles which was a bit of a revelation!!  We are crossing everything that the ewe’s aren’t pregnant as it would likely mean Christmas lambs which certainly would be different.  The pigs (Pepper, Piglet and Sandy) have all had their injections, and when I say had I should point out that Pepper gave everyone the run around eventually being stroked and fussed into submission!  I think Jemma looked worse for ware after the whole experience.

The vegetables that we have planted are now starting to come to fruition with the Purple Kohl Rabi, delight ball cabbage, cucumbers, Strawberries, courgettes, swish chard, blackcurrants and lettuce all in this weeks boxes.  It’s safe to say that our learning curve has been nigh on vertical over the last few months with us learning huge amounts.  Unfortunately we made a few mistakes early on with the planting regime that has slowed progress down but things are up and running now.

In this weeks boxes: –

Starter Box 

Baby potatoes, Bunched carrots, Kohl Rabi, Mushrooms and delight ball Cabbage

Farm Box

Cucumber and Broad Beans

Family Box

+ Berry box and courgettes.

We are busily researching some interesting recipes for the Kohl Rabi so check out the sheet in this weeks box!

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